Things I Like: Organza Bags

I like to keep my tarot decks in bags, because they look pretty that way … but most bags make it impossible to know which deck is inside. Here’s my perfect solution:

The 5×8″ bags are on sale for 17 cents apiece right now. Seriously. 17 cents apiece, when you buy a package of 30 for $5.10. Shipping is $6.50.

2 thoughts on “Things I Like: Organza Bags

  1. I agree. These are perfect if you collect decks and books that come in huge boxes that only get in the way. Put the box in storage and the deck in one of these see-through organza bags so you see easily which it is. Thanks for the link Corinne. My local hobby shop didn’t carry the right size bag.

  2. I linked to your post so more people could find out about these great bags. Then I thought, why don’t all of us who just buy one or two colors bring them to BATS, LATS and Readers Studio and trade colors with other people. I think you’ve really started something here, Corrine.

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