What exactly is the tarot?

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards that dates back to fourteenth-century Renaissance Italy. Each card is lavishly illustrated with images and symbols that incorporate a wide range of Western thought and tradition, including mythology, astrology, alchemy, numerology, and kabbala.

How is “tarot” pronounced?

I say “tarot” with a long “a,” so it rhymes with “arrow.” Some people pronounce the word “tah-row.” That’s correct, too. In either case, the final “t” is silent.

How does the tarot work?

Many experts have theorized that the tarot taps into the “collective unconscious” — the underlying bond of energy, emotion, and shared experience that unites us all. Others believe that users are simply drawn to the images and symbols that have the most meaning and significance for them. No matter what you believe about the principles behind the tarot, its accuracy is uncanny.

How long have you been a writer?

I’ve been a professional writer since I was18 … which was back in 1982. I started at the Devils Lake Journal in North Dakota, and went on to write and edit for the Grand Forks N.D. Herald, the L.A. Weekly, The Orange County Register, and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I’ve also done media and public relations for California State University, Northridge, Children’s Hospital of Orange County in California, and the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul. I decided to master tarot when I worked as an editor for Llewellyn Publications.

How did you learn to read tarot cards?

I earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from California State University, Long Beach. During my college years, I focused on ancient Greek philosophy, as well as literature, religious studies, and psychology. At the time, I didn’t know I would be interested in tarot someday, but my formal studies taught me a lot of what I know about the cards. Once I decided to learn more about tarot, I read every tarot book I could find, took classes at a local bookstore, and enrolled in a correspondence course from the Tarot School of New York. I also attend every tarot conference and workshop I can. I’m always learning something new about the cards.

3 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hello Ms. Kenner
    I have started reading Tarot and Astrology Enhance Your Reading with the Wisdom of the Zodiac which I am enjoying by the way. I am curious as to what system you adhere to in Tarot. Is it the Golden Dawn? Thank you, Michele

  2. I more than like the book! Corrine it is an absolute must for any Tarot enthusiast. Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

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