Sneak Preview: Astrology for Writers

You know what I always say: If you can’t judge a book by its cover, it’s not being marketed correctly.

Here’s a sneak preview of my next release, Astrology for Writers. Isn’t this a fabulous cover design?

I wrote the book knowing that it would appeal to a lot of the same readers who bought Tarot for Writers — and Kevin R. Brown, who designed both covers, obviously kept that in mind, too.

Astrology for Writers  is going through editing and production now, and Llewellyn has it scheduled for publication next May.

Masonic Mysteries Revealed (in 1919)

Here’s a fascinating old newspaper article I found online while I was doing some research into tarot history. It’s from the Galveston (Texas) Daily News of December 29, 1919, but it seems to be reprinted from the New York Herald.

Click the image or this link for a full-size PDF that you can enlarge — but if you know any Masons, don’t tell them that I let you in on their secrets.

Join the Tarot Classroom

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new ways to deepen your connection to the spiritual side of life. You have a fairly good intuitive sense, but it’s often blocked — either by well-meaning friends and family members, or by your own “voice of reason.”

That’s why I created the Tarot Classroom — a new online retreat and study center here at

Registration is fast, easy, and free.

Join the Tarot Classroom, and you’ll discover new ways to work with tarot cards — including innovative techniques like dream analysis, past-life regression, and guided meditation. You can even learn how to integrate tarot with other spiritual tools, such as runes and astrology.

In the Tarot Classroom, you’ll have a golden opportunity to develop your intuitive strengths — and to quiet the nagging thoughts that make you doubt yourself. You’ll find the time and space you need to tune into your intuition and refine your spiritual practice. You’ll be able to test and challenge yourself in a safe place — so you can build your psychic skills and endurance, and gain confidence in your abilities.

A well-developed intuition would be reward enough, but I think you’ll discover something even bigger — and better — when you spend time in the Tarot Classroom. I think you’ll be able to use what you learn to turn your life around.

Most of us worry about our relationships. In the readings I do for others — and in my own life — I find that personal connections are everyone’s number-one concern.

No matter how successful we look on the outside, we all have insecurities. Naturally, we all fear rejection and ridicule from those we love and admire. More importantly, we all want to be loved and accepted for the people we really are. That’s true, no matter how old or young we are, or how much we weigh, or how much money we make. In fact, we all want more love, more friends, and more meaningful interaction with the world around us.

In the Tarot Classroom, you’ll discover that the tarot is more than just a tool for understanding the past or predicting the future. You’ll learn that your own inner wisdom is a powerful force for transformation. As you deepen your connection to the spiritual side of life, your relationships will change and grow, and your self-esteem will blossom. You’ll be able to shed old insecurities and self-doubts, and face each day with the skills you need for success.

The Tarot Classroom is an online environment, so you can access it from any laptop, iPad, or smartphone. And while you might be alone at your computer, you won’t be alone in the Tarot Classroom. I’ll be there to offer guidance and mentoring, and you’ll have the chance to connect with other tarot enthusiasts like yourself — especially on our Facebook page at

The Tarot Classroom is brand new, so if you register today, you’ll be a charter member of the group!

Thank you for your interest, and I do hope you’ll join us.

Best regards,
Corrine Kenner
Author of Tarot and Astrology, the Wizards Tarot, Tarot for Writers, Tarot Journaling, and more

PS: Our first lesson will be posted on June 1, and our first webinar is slated for June 5. You won’t want to miss either one!

Q&A: An interview with the book

Helen Howell didn’t just review my newest book, Tarot and Astrology — she interviewed it! Yes, you read that right. Helen interviewed the book itself.

Before I tell you any more about this book and what I personally think of it,  I thought I would ask the Book three interview questions and see what it actually had to say about itself. Now you might say how can a book answer questions? But believe me I have found books are just as clever at answering questions as a tarot deck is!

Click here to read Helen’s interview.

Happy Anniversary, Neptune!

The planet Neptune, as seen from above its largest moon, Triton. Illustration by Paul Hudson, National Geographic.

The planet Neptune, as seen from above its largest moon, Triton. Illustration by Paul Hudson, National Geographic.

Today marks the 165th anniversary of Neptune’s discovery in 1846. The beautiful blue planet was mathematically predicted long before it was spotted visually.

These days, Neptune has a prominent position in the study of tarot and astrology. Here’s what I wrote about it in my latest book, Tarot and Astrology:

The Hanged Man spends hours—or even days—suspended in a trancelike alternate reality. He is in perfect synch with Neptune, the planet of spiritual and psychic enlightenment.

The Hanged Man’s consciousness transcends the physical, just as Neptune itself seems to escape the ordinary bounds of physics. After all, the planet is composed mostly of ethereal mist and gasses. It’s a planet of dreamlike illusion, as well as an existence removed from the limitations of physical concerns.

From that vantage point, mystical experiences come easily. Both Neptune and the Hanged Man are associated with fantasy, imagination, and visionary art. They are idealistic, sensitive, and exceptionally psychic.

Neither one is very good at establishing boundaries. The real world can be a dark and dangerous place, and both the Hanged Man and the Neptunian spirit quickly learn to escape through meditation, prayer, sleep, and dreams.

Occasionally, they seek refuge through alcohol and drugs. Sometimes, those substances are a form of self-medication, in an effort to block the unsolicited psychic messages that flood the Neptunian soul.

In a tarot reading, the Hanged Man card often represents a period of willing self-sacrifice and the suspension of everyday cares and concerns. It could suggest a retreat or a change in perspective.

While most versions of the card show the Hanged Man upside-down, he rarely seems to be in any pain or discomfort. Instead, he seems to be tuned in to a higher consciousness—and it’s a reward, not a punishment.

In Roman mythology, Neptune was the god of the sea. He ruled the tides and the tide pools, as well as the dark, mysterious world of the ocean’s depths. Seas would rise and fall at his command, and he could drown his opponents in an uncontrollable swell of unfathomably violent emotion.

Neptune rules Pisces and the twelfth house of the zodiac, where astrologers look for secrets. It also rules the places where those secrets are confined and locked away: hospitals, prisons, and mental institutions. In medicine, Neptune is associated with mysterious illnesses and neuroses.

The Hanged Man corresponds to the element of water.

The Hanged Man illustration is from the Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John Blumen.

I found the Neptune illustration here.

The Sun Sign Spread

One of the easiest tarot and astrology readings you can try is a simple comparison between the two cards that represent your Sun sign. First, pull the Sun card from your tarot deck. Then pull the card that corresponds to its sign.

Which Major Arcana card corresponds to your Sun sign? How do the two cards—your Sun and its sign—complement or contradict each other? How do they describe your personality, individuality, and sense of self? What can you learn from your first tarot and astrology spread?

Sample Reading: Celeste’s Midnight Sun

The Moon card from the Wizards Tarot

The Sun card from the Wizards Tarot

When Celeste was born on March 7, the Sun was in Pisces. That means her Sun card is paired with the Moon, the card that corresponds to the sign of Pisces.

Oddly enough, Celeste has always been a night owl. She feels most alive after dark, when the Sun sets and the Moon rises. Her emotions ebb and flow like the tide, and she cycles through life like a living lunar goddess. She even looks like a creature of the night, with pale skin and wide-set, luminous eyes.

“It’s true,” she exclaimed, when she saw the two cards side by side. “I am the Moon! That explains so much. I like the Sun as much as anyone, but I’d much rather live my life by moonlight.”

Source: Tarot and Astrology by Corrine Kenner

Card images from the Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John Blumen