Gold Sun Package

Corrine Kenner Creative Guidance Astrology Hands

This is the first consultation most clients choose. As a foundation session, it’s also the basis of every other full-length consultation I offer.

In astrology, the Sun symbolizes your life’s energy and focus. A Gold Sun consultation offers an overview of the driving forces that propel you, with:

  •  A survey of the planets in your chart.
  • An assessment of your gifts and talents.
  • Insight into your most marketable skills.
  • A description of your past life ­experience.
  • A discussion of your current life’s purpose.

Choose the Gold Sun package if …

  • You’re a new client.
  • You’re at a crossroads and you want to regain your sense of direction.
  • You’d like to lay the groundwork for ­personal or professional ­development.

Gold Sun consultations are 60 minutes long.


Consultations are available by phone, online via, or in person in Minneapolis.

To schedule a consultation, email or call me at 612-222-5770.