Tarot Readings

Corrine Kenner Creative Guidance Tarot Shuffle

For centuries, the art of tarot and the study of astrology have been closely linked. The earliest tarot decks depicted the Sun, the Moon, and the stars, along with the ancient gods connected to each planet.

In fact, there’s a correspondence between every card in a tarot deck and the signs and symbols of astrology — and most modern tarot decks are entirely based on an astrological foundation. I detailed all of the correspondences in my book, Tarot and Astrology. I also incorporated them in the Wizards Tarot, one of the three tarot decks I’ve designed.

I’m happy to add tarot to any astrology reading, or to offer you a stand-alone tarot reading … although I can’t promise that some astrology won’t work its way into the mix.

Choose a tarot reading if …

  • You’re a visual thinker.
  • You have a problem, and you’re considering several possible solutions.
  • You’re naturally intuitive, and you’d like to develop your own psychic ability.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Tarot

What exactly is the tarot?

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards that dates back to fourteenth-century Renaissance Italy. Each card is lavishly illustrated with images and symbols that incorporate a wide range of Western thought and tradition, including mythology, astrology, alchemy, numerology, and kabbala.

How is “tarot” pronounced?

I say “tarot” with a long “a,” so it rhymes with “arrow.” Some people pronounce the word “tah-row.” That’s correct, too. In either case, the final “t” is silent.

How does the tarot work?

Many experts have theorized that the tarot taps into the “collective unconscious” — the underlying bond of energy, emotion, and shared experience that unites us all. Others believe that users are simply drawn to the images and symbols that have the most meaning and significance for them. No matter what you believe about the principles behind the tarot, its accuracy is uncanny.

Schedule a reading

To request a tarot reading, email tarot@corrinekenner.com or call 612-222-5770.

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