“Thank you so much for this reading. It makes perfect sense to me as I am beginning a new phase in my life. … Thanks so much for sharing your expertise!”

“This is a terrific reading. I am so glad the card indicates my new business venture will be successful. I feel your reading has given me another confirmation and boost of confidence that I am on the right path for me. I found your reading very insightful and right on target. Many thanks.”

“I loved the reading you did for me – it was very, very accurate.”

“I read your tarot card interpretations and I was blown away. I have been talking about this with a friend of mine … Thanks for your insights.”

“Thank you for the insightful reading. The cards are very nice looking and I am still looking back several times at the details.”

“I really did enjoy this reading. I have been on a spiritual journey for a long time, to find inner peace, and my niche in life. One of the reasons I asked about finances in my original question, I wanted to see if I would work for myself, start my own business, it’s just I haven’t found my niche yet, and I don’t want to get into something I wouldn’t enjoy. I want to really love the work I will do. I will look out for those synchronicities you mentioned.”

“Thank you for the comprehensive and spot-on reading.”

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