Tarot Journaling

Start your tarot journal today! 

Download these FREE forms and journaling pages.

They’re designed for easy printing, with margins that are wide enough to accommodate a three-hole punch. Just hit “print,” punch, and put them in a three-ring binder … and you’ll be ready to start a tarot journal today!

Scroll down this page, and you’ll find five useful worksheets, along with a bonus PDF of plain lined paper and a coordinating cover image. Simply click the thumbnail images to download the full-size files.

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Will you do me a favor?

If you download the files, please take a moment to answer these questions so I can gauge your interest in a revised and expanded edition of my Tarot Journaling guidebook.

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Tarot Journaling Forms and Worksheets

Card of the Day Chart

Keep a master list of all your daily one-card readings, and look for themes and patterns over time.

Suggestion: One copy of this chart will last you a long time, but you might want to print it on heavier stock.

Blank Celtic Cross Diagram

This blank diagram of a Celtic Cross spread is ready for you to add notes and comments about every card that falls in a Celtic Cross reading. You can use it alone, or print it on the other side of the Celtic Cross reading record, below.

Suggestion: Print 20 copies of this form.


Celtic Cross Reading Record

This time-saving one-page outline, with blank lines and check-off boxes, makes it easy to jot down the highlights of any Celtic Cross reading. You can use it alone, or print the Celtic Cross diagram on the other side.

Suggestion: Start with 20 copies of this form.

Three-Card Reading Record

Three-card layouts are a mainstay of most tarot readers. You can use these pages for “past, present, and future” readings, “body, mind, and spirit” spreads, or any variation on the theme. You’ll get two pages, for double-sided printing.

Suggestion: Make 20 copies of this form.


One-Card Reading Record

See individual cards in a new light, with a two-page form designed for daily one-card readings or detailed examinations of the cards. There’s even room for you to sketch the image from a single card, or paste a picture in.

Suggestion: Start with 20 copies of this form. Remember to print both sides.

Blank Ruled Paper

Here’s some plain lined paper, perfect for recording your thoughts about any subject.

As you compile your tarot journal, you might also want to include a few completely blank sheets of paper for sketching, free association, idea mapping, and word clusters.

A Coordinating Cover for Your Tarot Journal

Coordinate your tarot journaling gear! Slide this full-color journal cover (designed to match the Tarot Journaling book) into the cover of your three-ring binder, or punch it and use it as the first page. It’s a JPG image file — not a PDF — but you should be able to print it anyway.

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